Musician, Producer, Vocalist

I create electronic music of various genres,
mostly focusing on vocal infused color bass

About me

Yirsi, a music artist based in Germany in 1998, specializes in vocal-infused dubstep and color bass. Drawing inspiration from a variety of artists such as Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin, Porter Robinson, Virtual Riot, Ken Ashcorp, EDEN, and Vylet Pony, among others, Yirsi has developed a unique musical style.

Music has always been central to Yirsi's life, and he's skilled in various instruments, including guitar, drums, mandolin, and piano. In 2018, he began releasing music publicly and devoted himself to perfecting music production.

Yirsi's signature style features melodic bass drops, interesting textures, and powerful vocals, all driven by his unwavering passion for music. He aims to create music that deeply resonates with his audience and is eager to assist and collaborate with fellow musicians.


I create educational content

And upload said content on YouTube and TikTok. In these videos i talk about different things related to music production, like how to mix electronic music, my personal way of sound designing, music theory, arrangement advice, and many more.


Want to support me?

Since Spotify only pays pennies, the best way to do so is through Bandcamp.

If you like a song enough to purchase it, which i greatly appreciate, make sure to use code "lilac" for 15% off


Join the community

Meet other like-minded people interested in music production on my Discord server. Anyone, creative mind or not, is welcome in Pandamonium.

Sometimes I host events here, like feedback sessions and producer challenges (or at least i plan to).